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Digital Citizenship

footprint1 e1295892169754 Digital CitizenshipWhen we are active online we are creating our own digital footprints. This area of the website will help you understand what that means and will link you to tools and resources for the ethical use of online media.

Code of Digital Conduct: Read the Waterloo Region District School Board’s Code of Digital Conduct.

Copyright Explained: An overview about the the concept of copyright and information for you so that you can use media legally and ethically as you explore and create.

Copyright Definitions: Simple definitions to help you understand the language of copyright.

Copyright-Friendly Sources: Starting points for finding image and music files that you have permission to use. Includes links to the terms of use for every suggested source. Links to search engines that specialize in finding images and files that you have permission to use. Be sure to read the search tips for each tool.